International Journal of Innovative Research and Knowledge

Volume-8 Issue-8, August 2023

Title: Senior High School Leaners’ Financial Literacy and Numeracy: A Correlational Study

Author: Aileen A. Mondejar, Eloisa Paris D. Alison, Joallen D. Batara & Carlos F. Gaygay Jr.


Financial literacy, despite its renowned importance, remains low worldwide, especially among Filipinos. Different literature and studies have been done to tackle the many ways to improve the state of financial literacy, however, no further studies have yet been published to address this problem in the context of senior high school. Thus, this study sought to determine the SHS learners' financial literacy and numeracy levels and the correlation between these two variables. A survey among 225 respondents was conducted through random stratified sampling, to gather the needed data for the study. The questionnaire used for data gathering was adapted from Chen and Volpe (1998), Balakrishna and Virmani (2019), DECA Inc. (2019), Mandell (2008), James et al. (2012), Jayaraman (2018), and Jorgensen, (2007). The study utilized a descriptive correlational design in which the data was subject to descriptive statistics specifically weighted mean - to determine learners’ level of financial literacy and numeracy, and Pearson’s R Correlation - to determine the correlation of learner’s financial literacy and numeracy. It was then found out that the learners had low levels of financial literacy and a moderate level of numeracy. It was also revealed that a significant moderate positive correlation (p<0.5) exists between the two variables.

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