International Journal of Innovative Research and Knowledge

Volume-7 Issue-8, August 2022


Author: Yuda Taddeo Kaahwa & Kasamba Juliet


The study examined challenges of inclusive university education in Uganda using a case of the disabled student’s scholarship scheme. The study examined whether the scholarship scheme is equitable in terms of opportunity and process of university education in Uganda. With equity of opportunity, the study assessed access to university education by the categories targeted by the scholarship scheme. Equity of the process of university education was examined assessing physical and material access constraints, participation in study and assessment, campus support services, campus interactions, policies and administration; and university plant in relation to the special needs of the scholarship beneficiaries. A descriptive single case study design was used with qualitative data collection methods from a sample of 15 respondents that included special needs students in 3rd year of 2018/2019 academic, officials from the academic registrar’s department and dean of student’s office. The study found out that though information on public universities joint admissions is published by the Ministry of Education and Sports, it lacks elaborate guidance on the steps students with special needs go through to qualify for government sponsorship. This lack of clear guidance in the guideline’s booklet could be limiting access to the scholarship by many students. With the physical conditions, the study found out that old building have not been remodelled to enable easy access by special needs students. The study found out that lecturers are not informed about the special needs of some students in their class and prepare lecture materials uniform for everyone. Lastly the study found out that special needs students do not have any challenges in interaction with their fellow students that was affecting their studies. On interaction with lecturers some students are not free to express their challenges to their lecturers. The study concluded that The Disabled Students Scheme has brought equity of opportunity for the disabled students to access university education on government scholarship however, the scholarship scheme doesn’t cater for equity of the process of education.

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