International Journal of Innovative Research and Knowledge

Volume-7 Issue-8, August 2022

Title: Solid Waste Management Awareness and Practice among SHS Students: Basis for the Development of School Waste Management Program

Author: Novelyn L. Acantilado, Shiela A. Arana, Anielyn B. Calvario, Aubrey B. De Leon, John Levie Enaldo, Chloe Marie P. Enmil, Aiza V. Escoto, Mary Ann R. Lopez, Ronnel Macadangdang, Anna Karenina P. Pamfilo, Ana Margarita B. Perez & Marjorie D. Pile


Solid waste management (SWM) is a complex matter and has become one of the most critical concerns confronting non-rural spaces in emerging countries as a result of rapid urban growth. The Philippines, a Southeast Asian archipelago country is also suffering from tremendous waste management struggles. Since school is one of the avenues for providing instruction and disseminating information about solid waste management, various research has been undertaken to see how it affects students' knowledge and practices. Meanwhile, it seems that the basic education's emphasis on solid waste management is inadequate. This study aims to determine the significant effects of Solid Waste Management awareness and practices among senior high school students of San Pedro National High School and develop a SWM Program. Using Quantitative research design, precisely the descriptive-correlational method, the data were collected using Standardized Survey Questionnaires from Solid Waste Management Awareness and Practices Questionnaire (SWMAPQ) and analyzed using Regression Analysis. The level of SWM awareness was measured into seven (7) indicators such as (a) definition of solid waste, (b) effect of improper solid waste disposal, (c) relevant laws on solid waste, (d) solid waste prohibited activities, (e) school intervention on solid waste, (f) importance of solid waste management, and (g) student’s role and responsibilities while SWM practices of the respondents were measured in five (5) indicators such as (a) segregation of solid waste, (b) reduction of solid waste, (c) reuse of solid waste, (d) recycle of solid waste, and (e) disposal of solid waste. Based on the Regression Analysis of Solid Waste Management Awareness and Practices, the data shows a positive linear relationship between SWM awareness and SWM practices of the respondents. The Clean Campus Movement is a proposed program that will build up the High School student’s awareness and practices in Solid Waste Management.

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