International Journal of Innovative Research and Knowledge

Volume-5 Issue-12, December 2020

Title: The Factors Affecting the Motivation of Administrative Personnel Working in Public Institutions

Author: Yaşar Akça & Ayşe Fakıoğlu


At the top of business concepts such as productivity, resources and production are human and human-based motivation. Realizing that the employee is not a robot but a social being. The institutions have attached importance to motivation to enhance the organizational success. Providing the expectations of the workers from the conditions in the business environment increases firstly the motivation of the business and then the efficiency of the organization. In this study, the demographic, economic, psychological, social, organizational and managerial factors affecting the motivation of the employees were examined. The aim of the study was to identify the factors affecting the motivation of the employees. In the survey, a five-point Likert scale was used. The study covers 349 of the 2456 administrative staff at Erciyes University. It was determined that the demographic variables such as gender, working year and marital status had no affect on the motivation. The positive feelings of the employees about the work, especially about the work environment and the business conditions also bring motivation with it. As the working year of the staff increases in the institution, the sense of ownership for the workplace increases. Salary promotion has a positive effect on motivation in low-income personnel. The business environment, the human relations in the department in which they are worked and the praise and appreciation by the superiors are the main reasons that positively increase motivation.

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