International Journal of Innovative Research and Knowledge

Volume-8 Issue-8, August 2023

Title: Post-Pandemic Organizational Commitment and Work-Task Motivation Among Proficient and Highly-Proficient Teachers

Author: Nicanor Santos, Gino Carlo Herrera, Thelma Ragasa, Bernadette Robles, Carlo Jejomar Sanchez, Meriam Tria, Alvin Mendoza, Kelvin Tolentino, Elsie Cruz, Leilani Lucero, Maverick Catahan & Ma. Victoria Vivo


Commitment and motivation are crucial in the performance of teachers, as it impacts job satisfaction and overall effectiveness. The current study is an inquiry on post-pandemic organizational commitment and work-task motivation among proficient and highly-proficient teachers, specifically in the context of the post-pandemic era. Seventy-eight teachers working in a public elementary school in Marilao North District, Schools Division of Bulacan answered a questionnaire designed to assess commitment and motivation levels. An analysis of quantitative data indicates that proficient and highly-proficient teachers generally have a high level of post-pandemic organizational commitment and work-task motivation. Teachers who feel a strong sense of commitment to the organization are more likely to be motivated to perform excellently in school, as they see the contribution of their individual work to the institution as a whole. Consequently, a highly motivated teacher is more likely to develop a deeper commitment to the organization, as they value their contributions to the experience of learners and the quality of education provided by the school.

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