International Journal of Innovative Research and Knowledge

Volume-4 Issue-3, March 2019

Title: Narrating New Female and Feminine Identities through Music and Dance: A Review of Abakhayo Nuptial Songs

Author: Joseph Muleka


Literature is a reflection of the wishes of the society that produces it. It forms an integral part of a people’s lives, and through it one can see the history, philosophy and the kind of perceptions of the said people about situations and about people – how the said people define the world in relation to themselves, (Muleka, 2016). Song and dance as part of a people’s literature would, thus, be said to possess the power to reveal the picture a people have of the world and how they perceive the people therein. Perhaps no literary genre is more popular, and more succinctly reconstructs, narrates and reflects the society better than music and dance. Indeed music and dance is an integral part of many social and cultural activities in the African society. Quite often, the genre serves to comment on an ongoing event as well as on the personalities involved, for whom the songs appear to spell out the roles and expectations. Based on the music and dances sourced from nuptial celebrations, this paper interrogates some of the Abakhayo music and dance songs as an avenue through which female and feminine identities are reconstructed, performed and prescribed. Taking a qualitative approach and anchoring our arguments on the feminist and sociological literary standpoints, the paper examines the kind of identities consequent through the said music and dance performances. Of particular interest is whether the constructed identities are in tandem with sustainable development in the emergent global concerns of gender equity and economic empowerment.

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