International Journal of Innovative Research and Knowledge

Volume-4 Issue-2, February 2019

Title: The Influence of Social Media use on Communication Preferences between Teenagers and Parents: A Study of St. Peters Parish, Kiambu County, Kenya

Author: Rahab Nyaga, PhD


The emergence of social media and its high use has influenced the way we communicate, including the way family members interact. The aim of this research was to investigate the influence of social media use on communication preferences between teenagers and parents. The specific objectives were to establish: whether Kenyan teenagers preferred social media or face-to-face interaction with their parents; the motivation for social media usage among Kenyan teenagers and the perceived influence of social media use on teenage-parent interaction. The study was anchored in the Media Ecology and Uses and Gratification theories. A descriptive research design was used. The target population was 55 teenagers between the ages of 13 to 19 years who attend Teens Ministry at the St. Peters Kiambu County, Kenya. A stratified census sampling method was used. Data collection instruments were a structured questionnaire and focus group discussions. Data analysis was done using chi-square and correlation techniques. Results: the respondents did not indicate preference between face-to-face interaction with their parents and spending time on social media. Motivation for social media use included to maintain contacts with friends, entertainment and getting information. On influence of social media on teenager-parent relationship, the finding was that social media is amoral and its use does not affect teenager-parent interaction. It merely serves as a tool for facilitating social connection and entertainment during teenagers’ relaxation time and to fill in their free time. Recommendation: parents need to avail themselves for face-to-face interactions with their teenagers to enhance bonding and ensure productive and safe use of social media.

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