International Journal of Innovative Research and Knowledge

Volume-4 Issue-2, February 2019

Title: Production of African Walnut (Plukentia conophorum) and the Contribution to Rural Livelihood in Ekiti State, Nigeria

Author: Dr. O.J. Olujobi & M.O. Ayotunde-Ojo


Plant materials such as root, stem, leaf, fruit and seed provide food, medicine and other products of economic importance to mankind. This study examines the production of African walnut and its contribution to rural livelihood in Ekiti State. The study area was stratified on the basis of geopolitical arrangement into three (3) senatorial zones. Two villages were selected from each senatorial zone. Structured questionnaire were administered to twenty (20) randomly selected farmers in each of the six selected villages. Field observations revealed that majority of the respondents are married (81.7 %), male (61.7 %), and above 51 years (41.67 %) with 76.67 % of them having more than 10 years of farming experience. Majority of the respondents (85.04 %) acquired their land through inheritance while only 23.33 % produce more than 100kg of walnut per year with most of it been sold in bit. The result also revealed that in addition to providing income walnut also serves as source of food, medicine and cultural value among the respondents.  Lack of storage facility, drought and theft were the major challenges faced by the respondents in the production of walnut in the study area. The study recommend that government through extension officers should enlightened farmers on how to embarking on large scale cultivation of the crop in other to increase their production.

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