International Journal of Innovative Research and Knowledge

Volume-4 Issue-2, February 2019

Title: Work Life Balance and Employee Retention: Experience of Women Employees in Leading Apparel Manufacturing Organization in Sri Lanka

Author: Dr. S.K. Gamage & Prof. Lakmini V.K. Jayatilake


Work life balance and employee retention are important factors that affect an organization. Additionally it has become an interesting topic among researchers. This study was conducted in a leading manufacturing organization in Sri Lanka, focused to determine the impact of five work life balance practices on retention of women employees. This is an attempt to identify the reasons for most significant factors affecting female employee retention and provide recommendations to improve employee retention and decrease employee turnover rate of female employees in Sri Lanka. Selected sample was consisted with 200 women employees in leading manufacturing organization in Sri Lanka. Data was gathered through a structured questionnaire and the questionnaire content carried two major types of questions: one set for demographic factors and others for research variables. Five research variables were Job Security, Working Hours, Company Leave Policy, Work Load and Employee Training. Data analysis was done using SPSS statistic technique and Pearson’s Product Moment. Correlation and multiple regression analysis were used to determine the relationship between independent variables and dependent variable. The current study found that there is a positive correlation between all five independent variables and employee retention. Though the correlation was positive between work load and women employee retention, that relationship was not significant as per the analysis results. Results of regression the company leave policy, job security and employee training showed that are strong predictors of employee retention. The study recommended that, by improving the quality of work life balance of employees, they become loyal and willing to stay in the organization for long because of higher job satisfaction and satisfied happy personal life.

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